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Renting iPads for meetings and short-term projects is becoming a common occurrence and for good reason. The power of the iPad combined with the right App can make your next project a success by providing a more engaging and efficient way to be productive.


Why Rent iPads?

iPads are quickly enhancing the way people work by increasing their flexibility, mobility and productivity. Renting iPads makes economic sense when your project is short-term, you want to take advantage of the latest generation model or for those times when you require large quantities. Renting iPads is a great solution for projects such as:



What do we carry?

iPad-Rental has a large inventory of iPads from the economical Gen 1 model to the latest and greatest iPad model. We also rent iPad Minis. Do you need 3G/4G connectivity? We rent iPads with Verizon cellular service. And we can handle the activation process for you making renting from us a one-stop solution.


Not only do we rent iPads, we also offer a wide array of iPad accessories such as cases, adapters, security cases, stands, iPad kiosk rentals and more. Be sure to check out our iPad Accessory page for more information.


Need Help?

Need Help?To truly harness the power of the iPad, you'll need the right app. With all the projects we've provided solutions for, put our experience to work for you. We are constantly reviewing new Apps every day and can help you find the right Apps for your next short-term project. We can even utilize our programmers to create an App specific to your needs. Give us a call today at 301-931-2210 or request more information online. We're looking forward to working with you on your next project.

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